— BREAKING NEWS — The ‚Big Update’ for Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator is ready and should appear soon. List of included new features: Automatic Billboard Generation: Every generated tree will automatically generate its billboard version + crop their billboard texture plane to match its bounds and minimize overdraw. Dynamic […]

Big Update for Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator is coming!

unknown-origins-combat-1 3
This is a first version of Unknown Origins combat system. Dev summary: I’ve slayed more bugs (coming both from UE4 engine bugs and my own programming faults) than actual enemies during the implementation Next goals: Implement multi-enemy situation attack possibilities, e.g. switching attack target during combo, special multi-enemy attacks, etc. […]

Combat system [v1]

This tool allows for quick & easy generation of random trees & plants with drag & drop workflow. It’s possible to control every aspect of a tree/plant to determine with what rules they would generate each time. After generating, you can ‚LOCK’ any tree element to prevent it from regenerating. […]

Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator