Combat system [v1] 3

This is a first version of Unknown Origins combat system.

Dev summary: I’ve slayed more bugs (coming both from UE4 engine bugs and my own programming faults) than actual enemies during the implementation :)

Next goals:

  • Implement multi-enemy situation attack possibilities, e.g. switching attack target during combo, special multi-enemy attacks, etc.
  • Finish & refine skill/statistics system
  • Finish game save/load system… Waiting for Epic to fix some crucial bug here.

Stay tuned to not miss a new incoming video!

3 thoughts on “Combat system [v1]

    • admin Autor wpisu

      I’ve already sent an update for Smart Spline Generator yesterday, now all we can do is to wait for Epic to update it on Marketplace.
      Tree Generator 4.13 update should be ready within a few days. I’m working really hard on bringing this up as fast as possible, that’s my priority right now. It’s going to be a big update, with many improvements and there’s a lot of work because of that. I’ll post update notes as soon as it’ll be ready for release, on the forum support thread.

  • Jason Maitland

    Awesome thanks! I am not trying to rush you, just want to set time aside to have a good play with it when its out.

    Keep up the hard work, they look amazing, looking forward to putting it to use!

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