Big Update for Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator is coming!


The ‚Big Update’ for Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator is ready and should appear soon. List of included new features:

  • Automatic Billboard Generation: Every generated tree will automatically generate its billboard version + crop their billboard texture plane to match its bounds and minimize overdraw.
  • Dynamic Billboards: Billboards will periodically refresh in-game to match current [Camera <—> Tree] perspective. This allows smoother [Tree <—> Billboard] transitions and accurate representation of distant trees.
  • Distance culling system for plants, tree animation & collision, leaf material complexity, etc. [with controllable parameters]
  • Tree growth stages: Every tree automatically generates its own growth stages that can be switched dynamically in-game. From a seedling to fully grown tree!
  • New ‚ForestMaker’ actor: Forest generator with adjustable settings like min. between-trees-distance, max slope tolerance and more… + Naturally aligns trees to any uneven terrain.
  • Plants will react to any objects passing near them.
  • Godrays (lightshafts) generation matching current light direction or with fixed rotation.
  • Trees naturally align themselves to any surface.
  • New ‚Impulse’ actor feature: Possibility to change shockwave speed to achieve better effect (the further from impulse source, the later a tree/plant will react to it)
  • Branches can be automatically scaled to be thicker/thinner depending on their grow height, with adjustable scale factor.
  • New „Animate Branch Wind” switch.
  • Significant performance optimization feature for tree animation – culling based on camera frustum, with 3 adjustable variables in ‚WindZone’ actor.
  • Possibility to add randomized leaf scale variation.
  • Tidy-up of internal blueprints (to make it more clear for people who want to delve deep into the generator system)
  • Many performance optimizations & blueprint logic fixes.

Video showing all the new features is already in production! Stay tuned!